Democratizing Skin Examination Technology


The Problem

Right now skin examination need cannot be served. Each dermatologist in Europe corresponds to 10K people. As malignancy rates increase practically no commercial system gives a robust scaling solution.

Current means are expensive, slow, bulky and not automated. More importantly, they don’t allow for other health care professionals to assist with the process.

The Solution

We redefine the way the digital skin examination is undertaken by proposing a unified platform technology that enables Pharmacists, Aestheticians and General Practitioners to collaborate with Dermatologists in the skin examination process.

We offer an affordable solution by integrating advanced AI technology and Multispectral imaging with Cloud support and Telemedicine features.

As our system can be operated also by non-experts, it enables for the first time diagnostic services in areas and/or population groups where too few expert clinicians are available both for skin health and skin beauty cases.

Reduce Examination Time

Integrating cutting edge technology with UI optimizations enables accurate and fast examination times. At least a 2x reduction in examination time translates into increased productivity for the doctors.

Improve Medical Diagnosis

Analyzing large amounts of multispectral imaging and biopsy data, AI algorithms learn to predict malignancy states and perform image processing tasks giving to the Professionals useful insights about the underlying skin condition.

Reduce Examination Costs

Without sacrificing robustness and accuracy, we provide a cost-effective and wide-accessible dermoscopy system.

Our goal is to revolutionize the way
conventional dermoscopy operates
while making this technology
widely-accessible and robust.