Our Mission

Skin cancer is responsible for 1 death per hour which accounts for more than 50% of all cancers combined. The most aggressive and hazardous skin cancer type is Melanoma, which represents 4% of all skin cancer lesions. Melanoma diagnosis rates are continuously increasing while the number of Dermatologists is decreasing relative to the population.

We significantly decrease examination duration by 2x times compared to current solutions, while making a previously inaccessible technology, affordable  without any compromises. This is key to scale population screening, which will lead to saving lives and medical costs.

Artificial Intelligence

We combine state-of-the-art deep leaning models with multispectral imaging, by building the first of its kind: Althexis Multispectral Dataset for skin conditions. With the power of AI we can quantify useful features for the doctors, while providing them with automated predictions for the risk-of-malignancy

Multispectral Imaging

Providing 15x richer information per examination, multispectral imaging reveals information impossible for the human eye (or conventional systems) to see, both in and under the skin. Doctors can access structural features along with depth information.

Cloud Infractructure

By our GDPR compliant infrastructure, all data are seamlessly anonymized and uploaded to Althexis Secure Cloud, enabling AI models to be continuously validated and improved. Telemedicine and recovery options are also available making data management easy and secure to handle from everywhere.

Next Generation Dermoscopy

Althexis’ SpectroX transfers the latest technological advancements in AI, multispectral imaging, and cloud computing, into the clinical dermoscopy. SpectroX is a “single shot” dermoscopy system capable of providing instant recommendations and insights about the risks of the underlying skin conditions. SpectroX is able to track in time, the evolution of various skin conditions and the effectiveness of drug treatments while providing automatic predictions about the risk of malignancy by using powerful AI models.

A Telemedicine Platform

Althexis cloud technology can serve as a unified platform aiming at making healthcare more accessible and cost-effective by enabling caring for patients remotely when the provider and patient are not physically present. Especially in crisis times like today’s COVID-19 pandemic, we can provide a Telemedicine Platform for skin doctors and GPs making healthcare accessible to more people under the safety restrictions of social distancing. Our platform already supports third-party imaging hardware, making our solution even more accessible while it goes beyond traditional mole-mapping dermoscopes, supporting any kind of skin conditions and medical treatment process.

Proven Technology

Our system already deployed and tested by doctors and collaborators in multiple private Dermatology clinics as well as in one clinique in major University Hospital in Greece.