Our Mission

Althexis is a Greek word for curing, which stems from the greek mythology. Althea, apart from a talented and skilful queen is also a thermal plant. The point of the plant’s healing properties is that it could cure any disease, without knowing from the beginning where the pain is. That is exactly how we, at Althexis like to work. We create smart emerging technologies adapted to human  individual differences and algorithms that are able to act in a human way.


The development of Althexis’ AI assisted medical solutions is based on three pillars:


Improve medical diagnosis: Althexis’ AI solutions can analyse large amounts of patients’ data and scan pathology images down to pixel level in order to emphasise information that may be easily overlooked or escape the human eye.


Decrease mortality rates: Althexis’ AI solutions can provide instant and personalised diagnosis in order to prioritise patient in more urgent need, and also take over diagnostic functions for mass examination of general and/or underserved population.


Reduce medical costs: Althexis’ AI solutions can significantly lower healthcare costs and improve citizen welfare by focusing on early, accurate  and personalised diagnosis, which determine how successful the treatment will be.