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Althexis Solutions is particularly interested in the human well-being and health, mental and physical. With the help of cutting edge technology Althexis Solutions designs applications and systems that maintain and enhance health and well-being.


SpectroX: Next Generation Dermoscopy


Towards this direction Althexis has developed the SpectroX: next generation dermoscopy system that integrates the latest advancements into the clinical skin cancer detection process. The SpectroX is a “single shot” dermoscopy system capable of providing instant recommendations about the risks of the underlying skin conditions. It is able to detect melanoma, which is currently responsible for one death per hour, as well as other skin cancer conditions much earlier than existing dermoscopy systems.


SpectroX can be used a a low-cost screening device by non experts for the mass examination of general population and take over diagnostic functions in areas where there are too few clinicians. This unique feature enables the examination of a significant portion of the populations, which otherwise would not be possible, for example via self-testing or during examination campaigns.


SpectroX democratises accurate and reliable skin cancer diagnostics by moving digital dermoscopy devices from the closed market of skin care professionals to point-of-care-diagnostics and consumer ones.