Behavior monitoring and prediction

Althexis Solutions is interested in developing novel methods to monitor and model human behavior. The experts of the company, by using state-of-the-art equipment such as EEG headsets, wearables and virtual reality devices, can collect various data related to human behavior. By combining those data with specific psychological experiments we are able to model the cognitive state, attention, fatigue etc. By using data analysis and unsupervised learning techniques the engineers, psychologists and computer scientists of Althexis Solutions, can develop human behavior models for each individual which is the corner stone of every future application.


Product engineers and systems designers could benefit from behavior and cognitive models in order to design next-generation software and systems that seamlessly adapt according to the cognitive and emotional state of the user . Social scientists, cognitive scientists and neuroscientists could also use company’s expertise in human models in order to better understand the fundamental principles of human behavior and as a result to validate and extend their their research in human behavior models.


In order to offer a wide variety of services to a diverse spectrum of scientists and companies, Althexis Solutions also offers specialized prediction models considering specific psychological entities. By predicting the attention state, the fatigue and other emotional and cognitive aspects of a single person, the company’s experts are able to design applications and devices that always assure human-in-the-loop.


Althexis Solution’s experts by recording brain activity and using the abovementioned techniques, are also able to correlate modeled patterns and measurements with desisions mainly based on emotion, in a unique way, carving the path for innovating Consumer research.


Behavioral monitoring and prediction are of extreme importance for the evolution of Consumer Neuroscience. Consumer Neuroscience is the combination of consumer research with modern neuroscience. Although Consumer research has existed for an extended period of time, it has never managed to directly correlate the internal brain states with consumer behavior. The challenge for modern consumer research is to directly record the internal mental processes that govern consumer behavior.


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