Althexis PrediSense

Althexis PrediSense is a transparent Brain Computer Interface (BCI) which is focused on real time cognitive state prediction. PrediSense continuously monitors the user in an unconscious manner and outputs various predictions of its cognition.
PrediSense not only uses personalized machine learning models that automatically adapt to the user but it also estimates the cognitive state baselines with respect to the individual differences. In such a way it automatically produces normalized prediction measures of various cognitive aspects of each individual without the need for calibration or other parameter tuning.

PrediSense could be used for the next generation, interfaces and cognitive aware applications that will automatically adapt to the user according to its attention, arousal levels or preferences in a totally transparent-unconscious way.


PrediSense comes as an API with a native interface to the EPOC emotive headset.It features various wrappers such as Python and C# and could be easily integrated with any application. Contact us for more details.